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Browns fans’ confidence only falls to 90% heading into Week 17 after loss to Jets

Despite the loss to the Jets, Browns fans still remain confident.

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The seventeenth week of SB Nation Reacts voting is in, heading into Week 17 of the NFL season. If you haven’t signed up to vote each week, you can do so here.

The week-to-week confidence meter among Browns fans decreased by 4 percentage points, falling from 94% to 90% after last week’s loss to the New York Jets. The drop is completely understandable — it was so damn deflating to see how everything unfolded. I was very surprised that the drop wasn’t more profound; given the stakes, I was expecting it to drop into the high-70s. At least the Browns still control their own destiny heading into the final game.

Cleveland’s opponent this week, the Pittsburgh Steelers, snapped their three-game losing streak, and is at 56% with their confidence.

There were two national polls this week, the first of which asks which team fans think will win the Super Bowl. Right now, 45% of the vote goes to the Kansas City Chiefs. The Bills and Packers each have 17% of the vote, while the Packers have 3% and “Other” has 18%. We’re part of the “Other!”

Then, in the weekly picks among fans, they predict Cleveland will beat Pittsburgh this week. If all of those games played out as fans projected, then the Browns would be the No. 6 seed, and the Dolphins would be the odd team out. The Browns would face Pittsburgh again in the first round, this time on the road.