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NFL Wildcard Playoffs: Sunday Open Thread

Browns fans should use this as an open thread to discuss the games!

New Orleans Saints v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns play tonight! Before that, we have two preseason games to enjoy. After yesterday’s action, we also know that if the Browns win tonight, they will take on the Kansas City Chiefs in the next round. Our preview for the Browns game can be found here.

Sunday, Jan. 10th (1:05 PM): Baltimore Ravens vs. Tennessee Titans

In each of the past two postseasons, the Ravens have floundered — first to the Chargers, and then last year to the Titans. Baltimore’s rushing attack got red hot over the past month, and the Titans’ defense is terrible, especially at defending the pass. Nonetheless, I like the odds of Derrick Henry continuing his late-season strength and Lamar Jackson’s playoff woes becoming a storyline for the third season in a row. Titans 30, Ravens 20.

Sunday, Jan. 10th (4:40 PM): Chicago Bears vs. New Orleans Saints

Would you look at that — this Bears team actually managed to do it. They were 5-1, but then lost 6 games in a row, with Mitch Trubisky once again not looking like the answer. With the help of a softer schedule, they ripped off three wins and then needed help from the Cardinals last week (a loss) to make it in. It’s not a good sign that they were shredded by the Packers 35-16 with their legitimate playoff hopes on the line. The spirit of this being a playoff game will allow the Bears to tease hanging around in this game, but the Saints will put it away before long. Saints 31, Bears 17.

Browns fans should use this as an open thread to discuss the game! We’ll have our own quarterly open threads for the Browns vs. Steelers game tonight, but you can discuss any pre-game things here too.