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Rufio’s Playbook: Baker Mayfield’s Maturation with Pre-Snap Reads and Audibles

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images


It seemed that both coaches wanted to show as little as possible in week 17, so I’m not sure how valuable this game’s film is. But we won, so who cares? This is the best season in DBN’s lifetime, and the Browns are playoff bound. Let’s celebrate.

So here’s a breakdown of a Baker Mayfield dime, courtesy of a pre-snap read and a nice audible. Look for a few more videos this week as well, as we lead up to the Browns’ first playoff game of my adult lifetime. We might see a few more wrinkles from both teams next Sunday, but we may see (and hear) the continued maturation of our long-awaited franchise QB. If I’m not on the record with this yet, let me be clear: the Browns should commit to Mayfield long-term as soon as possible.

As always if you have questions or or want to talk ball, hit up the comments below!

Thanks for watching and GO BROWNS!