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Baker Mayfield’s Maturation Part II–PLUS–Will the Steelers Run More 2-Trap This Weekend?

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

Before news of Kevin Stefanski’s positive Covid test broke, I recorded this video about Baker’s communication at the line. Make no mistake about it, the loss of Stefanski and Pro Bowl LG Joel Bitonio is huge.

But the good news is that Stefanski can still help Baker and the Browns as he has all season: by helping to put together a good gameplan, by effectively managing his assistant coaches and staff, and by teaching his players how to play the game.

It appears clear that Stefanski and his staff have effectively taught the players how to play the game, what they expect from them on any given play, and what to look for from the defense.

This has really shown up for us, and will be critical against a Pittsburgh Steelers team who is known to blitz from anywhere and everywhere. QB Baker Mayfield, and C J.C. Tretter will need to step up in a big way to help will the void.

Also in this play, we get a look at Pittsburgh’s version of 2-Trap coverage, while then send a “Creeper” or “Simulated Pressure” at Mayfield. As was widely publicized last year, Baker has struggled with Simulated Pressures at times. But her certainly was prepared for this one, picking out a dropping OLB before the snap.

Hit up the comments below if you’d like, thanks for watching, and Go Browns!