Mini bye thoughts

This team has a way to go to reach it’s ceiling and that’s a good thing. The individual performances have been the most encouraging. pro bowl performances have occurred up and down the roster. We just haven’t quite been consistent; with significant variances in quality of play week to week. That being said the O-line seems to be stabilizing and Wyatt Teller is finally playing elite. When Conklin returns this line will really start to dominate. All these articles about trading for extra oline is non sense. We were talking as if we had 13 startable linemen during camp!

i can’t believe greedy is our best DB. I will admit I was bullish on greedy during the off-season and he showed glimpses in camp but his play looks super solid and very consistent. He’s starting to build real confidence and he’s earned the respect of the team and the fans. Newsome has been as good as you can ask for a rookie going up against the top wrs in the league and holding his own. I would highly consider trading ward though that seems tough now that he is hurt. His play has been average and his tackling is poor. He is expecting a big contract and he’s never been worth the 4th overall pick. He’s never been worse than average and he still has moments of elite play. But there is something else this teams needs a lot more than wards avg play!

Our safety room has been the biggest disappointment of any position group on the team. After watching last years safety chainsaw massacre, I was so excited to have the law firm of Delpit, Harrison, Johnson, LLC. But they are the reason this team isn’t 6-1!

A real conversation about trading d’ernest johnson needs to be had. I don’t know what his trade value is but he is too good to rot on our bench. This team has a chance to go deep and we could consolidate some of our depth. Perhaps a combo trade with Ward!

our d-line is starting to take shape however we need a little more rotation on the interior. McDowell really looked slow this last game. I chalk it up to it being the so many road games in a row and the short week but he is playing a lot of snaps. He has been my favorite Cinderella story of the team and has a real chance to be a pro bowler if not this year then soon.

Malcom smith continues to surprise me and part of me thinks he is an automatic start though Walker finally showed what he could do this past week. Mack is becoming more consistent with his play and I feel more comfortable with his play in general. When JOK comes back this defense will have figured it out

Our special teams units are fantastic. Our downfield coverage is superb. We have yet to make any splash plays though and I feel like we are due. Having Felton and Johnson back their is soooo nice

The TEs are the yeomen of this team and are doing all the dirty work and it shows. Non of them are making the pro bowl as a Brown but it doesn’t matter. They are constantly involved in all aspects and have all been responsible for big plays in the run and pass.

I'm not going to dive into Baker other then I hope he can come back soon

WE NEED TO TRADE FOR THE BEST WR WE CAN. If you look at the top teams in the league they all have ridiculous firepower at the WR position. TB, AZ,DAL,TEN,CIN all lead their respective divisions and they are all STACKED At WR. If we have serious aspirations to go to the Super Bowl, IMO we are still a WR1 away.

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