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Browns fans’ confidence up to 86% heading into Week 8

Also, some Steelers fans think this will be Mike Tomlin’s first losing season.

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Browns fans have been voting on SB Nation NFL Reacts all season, but as a change of pace to previous years, we wanted to get into the thick of the season before showing a baseline of how fan confidence has been. If you haven’t signed up to vote each week, you can do so here.

The graph below shows fan confidence heading into Week 8 of the NFL season:

The Browns’ confidence meter among fans currently sits at 86%. That is still down from the mid-90s that the percentages hovered around to begin the season, but the confidence took a hit after losses to the Cardinals and Chargers — as well as the news of the injuries piling up. A win over Denver on Thursday night picked the confidence back up, and a win this Sunday against the Steelers would likely send it back to the 90s.

The confidence of Steelers fans has been slowly rising, and currently sits at 57%. In a poll by Steelers fans, 43% of fans think this will be Mike Tomlin’s first losing seasons. I’d venture to guess that those same fans were the ones who didn’t vote for confidence in Pittsburgh.

There were two national polls. The first one asked whether fans think Deshaun Watson will be traded before the trade deadline. 47% of fans voted “yes” to that. The other question asked whether you would have returned Tom Brady’s 600th NFL touchdown ball. The ball is reportedly worth $500,000, but the fan gave it back for much less. The fan did receive a Bitcoin (currently worth $62,000) from Brady. As nice as it would’ve been to think about the max sum of money, if I was a fan and our star player asked for his historic ball back, I think I would’ve just given it to him out of excitement, and 69% of fans agree with me.

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