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The Prez Sez: Browns Backers President’s Week 5 predictions vs. Chargers

The Presidents have spoken

Browns Backers with a Twist chapter in Cleveland

Browns Backers Presidents just don’t simply look good and do all the work to organize their chapters. They know football, and more importantly, know Cleveland Browns football. Each week, DBN invites five Browns Backers chapter Presidents to provide their insight with the outcome of Cleveland’s next opponent.

The Browns Backers with a Twist chapter in Cleveland was featured on the scoreboard at FirstEnergy Stadium during the Monday night football game against the Ravens in 2020, for our charitable fundraising for “Shop with a Cop.”

The Southern California Browns Backers has eight different viewing places around Los Angeles and call all of them their home for games. They are currently in their 37th year of existence.

If you are looking for Browns fans to hang with near your home, or if you are traveling and want to watch the game or tailgate with other local clubs, use the below link and get to searching:


This week’s Presidents and their predictions:

San Diego Browns Backers

President: Michael McSweeney

San Diego, CA

Favorite former player: Clay Matthews

Favorite current player: Baker Mayfield

Viewing location: Tacos El Tuerto

Best menu item: The “Cleveland Taco” special - a 100% all beef hot dog, with real Stadium Mustard, fries and a Great Lakes Beer—the only West Coast Backers Club with GLB products!!


Weekly prediction: “The San Diego Browns Backers always looked forward to when the Browns played the Charges as we got to co-host an epic event the night before with the Southern California Browns Backers, tailgate party at the Stadium then WE had a home game. Chargers left San Diego, so its just another road game for us. A few from our group are heading to LA to view the game, the bulk of the club are staying home to root from San Diego! Browns 38-35 in a shoot out.”


Honolulu Browns Backers

President: Lee Shellko

Honolulu, Hawaii

Favorite former player: Leroy Kelly

Favorite current player: The Scottish Hammer

Viewing location: Waikiki Brewing Company

Best menu item: Loco-Moco! - an Hawaiian comfort food which consist of a combination of fried burger mothered with rich, brown gravy and topped with a fried egg

Weekly prediction: “Currently the LA Chargers have an NFL Power Ranking of #1. The Chargers not only have a great passing attack, but they also have a “stuff the run” defense that is able to stop opponents dead in their tracks. The Chargers QB has a record 9-TD passes in 3-games and that’s a team record! Hungry. Powerful. Well coached, the Chargers are a power to reckon with.

The Browns have an NFL Power Ranking of #8. First & foremost, the Browns have a two headed running attack with Chubb & Hunt. Secondly, the Browns continue with impact performances by their receiving corps. Thirdly, there is no doubt that the Browns defense is headed by Garrett who may be the best defensive player despite the slow start during the current season. Special Teams completed one of the most impressive games in recent Browns history. The Browns are hungry, well-rounded and well coached.

Evenly matched, the game on October 10, 2021, will be a backyard brawl between two very hungry teams. The team that wants to win most will. Cleveland Browns 24, Los Angeles Chargers 21”


Top Dawgs of OC

President: Jeff Champ

Mission Viejo, California

Favorite former player: Brian Sipe

Favorite current player: Nick Chubb

Viewing location: Patsy’s Irish Pub

Best menu item: Connemara - grilled chicken sandwich topped with melted cheese, mushrooms and bacon

Weekly prediction: “The Chargers will be coming off of a Monday Night Game against the Raiders. Hopefully their short week will give us an advantage. Justin Herbert is having a great year completing almost 70% of his passes with 6 TDs not counting Monday night. He is 5th in the league in passing yards. He is illusive and difficult to sack. He has plenty of weapons to throw to. Mike Williams leads the pack with 22 catches for 295 yards and 4 TDs. Jared Cook is a seasoned veteran with reliable hands. Austin Ekeler is more of a receiving than running threat out of the backfield. Their passing game is clearly their strength. Their running game is a different story as they are near the bottom of the league with a running back by committee approach. They haven’t even rushed for 100 yards in a game. Our defense is taking leaps each week and beginning to gel. We will have no problem shutting down the run. As long as we pressure Herbert and limit the big plays, I think we will hold them to under 20 points. We just held the Vikings to 7 and they have a much more balanced offense with bigger weapons than the Chargers.

On offense, we need to stay committed to the run. The Chargers have the worst running defense in the league allowing the most yards and 5.8 yards per carry. Their pass defense is in the top third of the league right behind us. Given the way Baker played against the Vikings, we need to limit our passing game to short slants, screens, and out routes. Baker has a tendency to “go for broke” on long routes to OBJ. He needs to be more selective on those passes. As long as we run it all day long, we will be fine.

I know the Chargers beat the Chiefs and we didn’t. That result is deceiving. The Chiefs had four turnovers. They had almost 100 more total yards than the Chargers. The ball bounced the Chargers way that day. The Chargers will be favored to win. They won’t. Browns, 27 Chargers 17”


Browns Backers with a Twist

President: Jacob Amstel

Cleveland, Ohio

Favorite former player: Kevin Johnson

Favorite current player: Denzel Ward

Viewing location: Twist Social Club

Best menu item: The Tasty Burger, with bacon, loaded with fresh ingredients such as pickle chips, lettuce, tomato, and onion on a Brioche bun

Weekly prediction: “The Browns versus the Chargers has the makings to be a great game. The Chargers sport the former rookie that broke Baker Mayfield’s rookie touchdown record in Justin Herbert along with a new defensive minded head coach. It will be important for the Browns to stop the rushing attack of the Chargers in order to make Herbert throw, which sounds counterintuitive with how great the second year quarterback has been thus far in his career. Herbert is still in his second year and he won’t know how to adjust to what he has not seen yet. Think of Mayfield from his second year. Although Herbert was great against the blitz in his rookie season, it is important for defensive coordinator, Joe Woods, to disguise coverages and send linebackers against Herbert. The only team that can stop the Browns offensively, is the Cleveland Browns. Frustratingly, that has happened on occasion already this season. The Browns play a clean offensive game versus the Chargers and get a few sacks defensively to take this close game. Browns 28-25”


Southern California Browns Backers

President: Kevin Hoyt

Los Angeles, California

Favorite former player: Leroy Kelly

Favorite current player: Greg Newsome

Viewing location: Saint Felix Hollywood

Best menu item: Malaysian style steak skewers

Weekly prediction: “I expect this weekend’s game to be a bounce back game for Baker. I see a few trick plays and Nick Chubb running for two TDs with Bosa always over-committing. I anticipate a few screens for big yardage to his side. OBJ will be focused on matching any and more then Keenan Allen does. Should be a lot of scoring in this one. Browns 36, Chargers 26”