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The Prez Sez: Browns Backers President’s Week 10 predictions vs. Patriots

The Presidents have spoken that a playoff push is the first business of order

Browns Backers Presidents just don’t simply look good and do all the work to organize their chapters. They know football, and more importantly, know Cleveland Browns football.

The Browns Backers of Portland, Maine have an interesting tradition that perhaps your own chapter should instigate. They set about to reverse the curse by chugging a beer when the Browns are down. The entire chapter!

The Central Connecticut chapter is relatively new, now in their fourth year, so thee haven’t had time to create the great traditions. Hey CCBB, see what Portland is doing!

Each week, DBN invites five Browns Backers chapter Presidents to provide their insight with the outcome of Cleveland’s next opponent. Click the below link to find your local chapter:


This week’s Presidents and their predictions:

Central Connecticut Browns Backers

Vice President: Matt Kelner

Farmington, Connecticut

Favorite former player: Bernie Kosar

Favorite current player: Nick Chubb

Viewing location: Buffalo Wild Wings

Best menu item: BBQ Brisket Sandwich with a side of beer-battered onion rings

Weekly prediction: “The game between the Patriots and our Browns should be very interesting. New England has been on an upswing lately and the Browns are still trying to find themselves. This one should be a typical between the lines game. If the Browns’ offensive and defensive lines are healthy and playing well then they should dominate. Garrett and Clowney should be able to get pressure on Jones and also maintain the run game forcing the rookie to hurry his throws. I think if the Browns get through the craziness that is currently going on, they should be able to take this one. My prediction is Browns 24 New England 17.”


Central Quebec Browns Backers

President: Stephane Guay

Trois-Rivieres, Quebec - Canada

Favorite former player: Joe Thomas

Favorite current player: Nick Chubb

Viewing location: Le Trefle Irish Pub Irlandais

Best menu item: Poutine Général Tao: traditional Québec Poutine - french fries, cheese and sauce with General Tao chicken topping

Weekly prediction: “Despite the injuries that have been accumulating since the start of the season, the depth of our Browns will allow us to win against the Patriots this week. I predict a good balance between the offense and the defense. Two sacks from Myles Garrett, a great work from our kicker McLaughlin and the Browns will beat the Patriots 23-17.”

North Royalton Browns Backers

President: Timothy Rudnick

North Royalton, Ohio

Favorite former player: Clay Matthews

Favorite current player: Nick Chubb

Viewing location: Niko’s Bar and Gyros

Best menu item: Beef brisket gyro with a side of black bean habanero hummus

Weekly prediction: “Mac Jones is probably having the best season of any of the rookie quarterbacks and Damien Harris has taken a big step forward. Coach Belichick is putting them in a position to take what is there and minimize risks. This has made New England a very sound football team. The Browns have the talent to perform at a much higher level, although we have only seen them perform at their best sporadically.

This should be a game where the Browns control the clock with a healthy dose of Nick Chubb and a returning Kareem Hunt to cruise to a workman like win. Browns 24-16.


Seacoast Browns Backers

President: Bill Kanserski

Newington, New Hampshire

Favorite former player: Clay Matthews

Favorite current player: Wyatt Teller

Viewing location: Buffalo Wild Wings

Best menu item: Doritos spicy sweet chili flavored Wings with a side of cheddar cheese curds

Weekly prediction: “Browns will drive down and kick a last second field goal for the victory!!! Browns will win this game 24-23.”


Browns Backers of Portland Maine

President: Scott Booth

Portland, Maine

Favorite former player: Bernie Kosar

Favorite current player: Baker Mayfield

Viewing location: Fore Play Sports Pub

Best menu item: Jolly bombs

Weekly prediction: “Being a Browns fan in Portland Maine, you deal with a lot of success and winning, just not on the Browns side. The Patriots, and all other Boston teams have endured success for the past two decades and it’s time for that to change and it starts with Browns/Patriots. Browns 29-24”