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Browns fans’ confidence sky high again at 97% heading into Week 10

What a difference a week makes.

Browns fans have been voting on SB Nation NFL Reacts all season, and the last time we looked at it here on Dawgs By Nature was two weeks ago, when it stood at 86%. Last week, after the loss to the Steelers, the confidence meter plummeted to 47%. Ouch. But as you can see from the graph below, all it took was one OBJ trade and a big victory over the Bengals to change the perception again.

The graph below shows fan confidence heading into Week 10 of the NFL season:

The Browns’ confidence meter among fans currently sits at 97%, tied for the highest it’s been all season. Some fans asked a couple of weeks ago what exactly the confidence meter means. It is not a reflection of how fans feel about the upcoming opponent. The results are often influenced by the most recent game, but at its root, the confidence is supposed to be whether you feel the team is on a successful path still for the current season. The confidence of Patriots fans currently sits at 96%.

In another poll, fans were asked which AFC team was most likely to climb into the playoff picture. The Chiefs obviously won the poll with 48% of the vote, but the Browns garnered a decent amount of votes too at 30%.

In another national poll, it was asked which AFC team will fall out of the playoff picture. 16% of NFL fans voted for the Patriots (in a Patriots-only poll, 93% of fans believe New England will make the postseason). 45% are betting on the Raiders to miss the playoffs, which I think makes sense if you figure the Chiefs will turn things around and the Chargers will find their groove again. The Steelers also can’t sustain all this winning to another playoff berth, right?

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