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Browns fans’ confidence tanks to 50% heading into Week 11

The Patriots’ dismantling of the Browns has shaken confidence.

Browns fans have been voting on SB Nation NFL Reacts all season, and last week, the confidence had skyrocketed up to 97% after a win over the Bengals. What happened after a blowout loss to the Patriots in Week 10?

The graph below shows fan confidence heading into Week 11 of the NFL season:

The Browns’ confidence meter among fans currently sits at 50%, a drop of 47 percentage points from the previous week. It’s understandable why there was a big drop, given the magnitude of the disappointing loss. However, I think the bigger argument to be made is that Cleveland’s confidence should not have been as high as 97% after the win over Cincinnati. Confidence among fans shouldn’t have such drastic moves from week to week where one second, there’s zero concern, and the next, there’s concern. But then again, I get it, because the confidence meter can come off as sounding like an approval poll from the last thing fans saw.

To compare, 77% of Lions fans believe the team is headed in the right direction. Despite all of their losing, fans must like the building blocks of the future, aside from the quarterback position.

In a national poll, fans were asked which Super Bowl matchup they’d like to see this season. The Bills vs. Cardinals had the highest number of votes among the candidates, followed by Bills vs. Packers. Right now, though, the Titans are the league’s hottest team.

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