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Browns fans’ confidence down to a season-low 33% heading into Week 16

The loss to the Raiders, combined with the COVID situation, has depleted the hopes of Browns fans.

Browns fans have been voting on SB Nation NFL Reacts all season. Prior to the game against the Raiders, the fan confidence stood at 59%. That number would have surely risen with a victory, but ultimately, Cleveland lost to a game-winning field goal.

The graph below shows fan confidence heading into Week 16 of the NFL season:

The Browns’ confidence meter among fans currently sits at 33%, a decrease of 26 percentage points from the last time we reported it. It’s crazy to think that Cleveland was three yards away from being in first place in the AFC North and in control of their own destiny; that would’ve sent the confidence meter up by a significant amount. But now, we’re looking at a situation where in order to reclaim that hope, the team needs to win the game we expected to lose on Christmas Day against the Packers.

The Packers, meanwhile, have seen their fan confidence hover to 73%. Their standards are obviously a bit higher, considering they have the NFC’s top record and yet fans are not all content about the direction of the team.

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