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Both my parents were born in Green Bay Wisconsin. I was raised a Packer fan.

I jumped ship in 1989 when I was living in Ohio and went to 2 AFC Championships.

The Drive. The Fumble.

Stefanski won coach of the year last year. Mayfield won nothing.

If Belichek was coaching this team ( and he did coach this team) he would have put the ball down their throat with Chubb and Johnson and kept it out of Mayfield's hands as much as possible.

Mayfield is not a long ball thrower. Sharp on short throws. He can scramble if encouraged.

But Bill would have have run it 40 times.

Just saying.

We lost the game long before the no call in the fourth. It should not have even been close.

But we are Browns fans. We take losing in stride.

: )

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