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Browns fans’ confidence continues dropping to 40% heading into Week 13 bye

With the final full month of the season here, the Browns are still just a .500 team.

Browns fans have been voting on SB Nation NFL Reacts all season, and with the team continuing to maintain a .500 record as the season has gone along, fan confidence in the team has been fading. The last time we mentioned the rating was after their loss to the Patriots, when it sat at 50%.

The graph below shows fan confidence heading into Week 13 of the NFL season:

The Browns’ confidence meter among fans currently sits at 40%, a drop of 10 percentage points from the last time we reported it. Fans have not seen complete performances from the team against the Lions or Ravens, and this past week’s game in particular did a lot of damage to the team’s postseason hopes.

In a national poll, fans were asked if its too early to call the Patriots the AFC’s best team. I thought that label seemed ridiculous when New England was heading into their game against Cleveland, but they dismantled us. After that, it has been no contest against the Falcons and the Titans. Baltimore may hold the top seed, but we’ve seen how many times luck has been on their side this season. Deep down, I keep telling myself that the Chiefs and Bills are still the top two teams in the AFC, but if I had to pick right now, the Patriots deserve that honor. However, 63% of fans believe it’s too early to make that call.

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