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Believe in Baker UFO t-shirt now available for Browns fans

And a Myles Garrett shirt is available as well, as these designs are now officially licensed by the NFLPA!

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You may remember a few weeks ago, Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield posted this tweet about seeing a UFO. It ended up going a bit viral, drawing reactions from the likes of Colin Cowherd (of course), but then a defense from Tom Brady.

Now, we have our very own t-shirt tying into the amusing moment, while also going with the phrase “Believe in Baker” as he points up to the UFO — the same type of gesture he also made after throwing a key touchdown pass in the 2020 season.

The shirts are priced around $30, and the hoodies are around $55. This design is officially licensed by the NFLPA, as is the other one below it for DE Myles Garrett.

Not to be out-done, our other design features “Flash” Garrett.