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Browns throwback jerseys may have leaked on eBay

Jerseys honoring the 1946 team might be the ones the team is wearing during its 75th anniversary season.

Paul Brown in Locker Room With Players

The Cleveland Browns will celebrate their 75th anniversary this fall and part of that celebration will include a throwback jersey.

For a team that has not changed its look all that much - outside of its recent five-year nightmare that was rectified with the return to a proper uniform in 2020 - putting together a throwback jersey is a bit tricky.

But seeing as how the franchise will be marking its birth in 1946 in the All-America Football Conference, throwing back to the design the team wore in that inaugural season makes sense.

And that is just what the Browns might be doing if a leak on eBay from a user named originaljersey81 is to be believed.

The white jersey includes the Browns traditional striping pattern on the sleeves, while adding an orange drop shadow to the brown numerals, and adds a football-shape patch with the year 1946 on the shoulder.

The jersey as a whole fits in with what you would expect from a throwback, but it seems odd that the Browns would go to the trouble of creating a special 75th anniversary logo and then not use it on the throwback jersey.

In January, executive vice president and co-owner J.W. Johnson announced that the Browns would be wearing throwbacks, but did not reveal a date when the jerseys would be revealed. The most most likely date will be at the 2021 NFL Draft, so unless the Browns confirm the leak, everyone may have to wait until the end of April for the official unveiling.

If the Browns do go with the 1946 look, it would probably make sense to add a white helmet to the look, since that is what the team sported at the time. Of course, that is dependent on the NFL reversing its one-shell rule that limits each team to just a single helmet, something that is reportedly being considered this offseason.