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Draft INSIGHT: Round 1 - CB Greg Newsome

No such thing as having too many good cornerbacks

Iowa v Northwestern Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Experience at the cornerback position usually takes a bit more mentoring than with other positions. Newsome has just 18 starts and played in 20 college games. He is excellent in coverage and makes plays at the catch point. His speed allows him to stay in man coverage where he excels. A physical player, Newsome initiates contact and is a willing tackler yet needs some refinement in this area. Good form wrapping up. Athleticism is his standard from transitional quickness to direction changes. Change of direction abilities is flawless.

Draft projection: late first-round


College: Northwestern

Height: 6’-1”

Weight: 190 pounds

40-time: 4.39

Career Tackles: 71

Career Forced Fumbles: 0

Career Sacks: 0

Career Pass Defenses: 20

Career Interceptions: 1

Career Tackles for Loss: 1

Career starts: 18


  • Disruptive size and strength
  • Well-versed in Cover 3
  • Plays the ball exceptionally well with good ball instincts
  • Very quick and top speed to recover
  • Great footwork
  • Explosive and versatile
  • Takes smart angles to the path of the ball
  • Talented mirror-and-match technique vs. early release
  • Smooth backpedal maneuvers
  • Physical player
  • Named All-American by The Athletic
  • First Team All Big 10 2020


  • Above average tackler
  • Needs improvement on body placement with deep throws
  • Numerous pass interference penalties (7) a concern
  • Limited starts in a tough conference
  • Response to cross-face routes are inconsistent
  • Needs to shed blockers earlier
  • Durability a concern

Expert Draft Site Analysis

Newsome uses his length well in initiating contact as well as making plays outside his frame and at the catch point. Speaking of the catch point, Newsome has great timing to break up passes and make plays outside his frame. Newsome is a fluid player for the corner position. He’s very impressive when changing direction. He effortlessly shifts from his backpedal to closing downhill well and is great at flipping his hips to turn vertically up the boundary. Newsome also excels changing direction to work horizontally across the field. Despite his physical nature, Newsome’s frame isn’t very filled out. He may struggle to be consistently imposing in press coverage and will struggle to get off blocks at the next level.