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Video: Construction of the 2021 NFL Draft stage in Cleveland, views of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Lakefront

The NFL Draft stage is being constructed in Downtown Cleveland, next to FirstEnergy Stadium and Lake Erie. We also showcase the surrounding area of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the shores of Lake Erie.

Earlier this month, we did a video of the 32 team helmets on display in Downtown Cleveland, in anticipation of the 2021 NFL Draft. Recently, construction began on the draft stage next to FirstEnergy Stadium. With a little over two weeks to go until the draft kicks off on April 29, we went down to the scene to take a tour of how the area looks — you can see that in the introduction video above, or view it directly on YouTube here.

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As a bonus, I also shot a second video, showing off more of the surrounding area including signage, further views of the draft stage, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Lake Erie, and one of the “Cleveland” signs. You can check out that video below, or here on YouTube.

And here is another photo gallery for your viewing pleasure.