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Video: 2021 NFL Draft banners in Downtown Cleveland, Voices of CLE artwork, and update on draft stage construction

Less than a week before the NFL Draft, we check in on some more decorations throughout Downtown Cleveland.

Thanks to everyone who has been viewing our in-person video coverage of Downtown Cleveland’s setup for the NFL Draft. Previously, we showcased the 32 NFL draft helmets at Mall C, then showed some progress on the construction of the draft stage as well as surrounding landmarks.

Today, less than a week before the draft, I headed back to Downtown Cleveland to capture some more video — first starting with the draft banner that is now on display on both sides of the innerlink that connects Jack Casino to the parking garage across the street, then showing the liveliness of E. 4th Street and the little NFL flags now strung across the street. Then, I concluded by showcasing the brand new Voices of Cleveland art installation on Euclid Avenue, which was commissioned by Browns DE Myles Garrett in collaboration with the Downtown Cleveland Alliance, Destination Cleveland, and Greater Cleveland Sports Commission.

After that, I went back to Mall C to see a bigger crowd at the helmets. These helmets will be on display until April 27 at Mall C. After that, they will be moved to the NFL Draft Experience area in preparation for April 29-May 1. You can see how there was a bigger line to wait for photo opportunities at the Browns helmet:

Lastly, I peeked at the NFL Draft stage from a distance. I did not go all the way down there to check for myself, but it appeared that the area I walked last week is not secured, which makes sense, given that preparations are getting closer for that area to be the NFL Draft Experience from April 29-May 1:

And here is another photo gallery for your viewing pleasure.