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The Cleveland signs now have an NFL Draft logo next to them

Plus, watch a video showing the bike path that connects the Tremont sign to the Flats sign.

People in Northeast Ohio should be familiar with at least one of the six “Cleveland” script signs in the city that make for great photos and views of the city. Now, for a limited time, the NFL Draft logo is beside each of those six signs.

After my adventures yesterday (see video and pictures here), I actually wrapped up the day by heading to Edgewater Park, where I captured a nice picture of it just before the sky got dark:

On Sunday, I bicycled on down to two more of the signs that were in close proximity to each other: in Tremont, and then down in the Flats. I was fortunate that a few minutes after I arrived, the sun came out from behind the clouds to brighten up the sky. You can watch the video below if you’re curious what bicycle path links the two signs together:

And then lastly, here are two standalone pictures of the Tremont and Flats signs:

The other three signs are located at Cleveland Hopkins Airport, Euclid Beach, and North Coast Harbor (behind the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame). I featured the North Coast Harbor sign a little over a week ago in a video, prior to the NFL Draft logo being on display. I will probably head back to that sign some time this week, but I don’t think I’ll make trips to Euclid Beach or the Airport.