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GM Andrew Berry has baby girl the morning of the NFL draft

The first pick of the draft did not weigh 300 pounds

NFL Combine - Day 2

The job of an NFL General Manager is stressful. You are in control of not only the players you bring into the fold, but the livelihood of coaches, scouts, front office personnel, nutritionists, stadium workers and the other countless amount of employees that work directly and indirectly with the franchise.

And think about the number of hours dedicated to the draft via scouts, film sessions, talking to college coaches, virtual interviews and the like. Millions of dollars are spent on just three days worth of draft time.

Berry and his wife Brittan delivered a daughter, Eden Ruth Berry, this morning to bring in the draft process to its grand entrance.

The successful GM was hired as the youngest GM in the history of the league at the age of 32. He is now just 34. Eden is the third child for the couple, but the first girl.

Although Berry will be running the draft tonight and the entire weekend, time being spent away from work with the new addition will certainly be on his mind. The only questions that remained was why their daughter had to pick this one day to finally become a real person instead of waiting. Brittan later answered that question: