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Cleveland Browns - List of Undrafted Free Agents Reportedly Signed

How many gems will GM Andrew Berry find after the conclusion of the draft?

2021 NFL Draft Experience Photo by Duane Prokop/Getty Images

The NFL Draft might be ending, but the fun hasn’t ended yet. The media, along with the players themselves, are about to start reporting on the undrafted free agents who teams are trying to sign. Listed below will be players who have been rumored to have been contacted and signed by the Browns. Also, use this as an open thread to discuss any players we sign, or who you want signed.

List of Cleveland Browns Undrafted Free Agents or Tryouts

Note: Until the Browns do a press release in a few days, none of these are officially confirmed. Sometimes, players have handshake deals with teams, only to sign with another team. It is a crapshoot.

Refresh often, as we will be updating this thread as news comes out.


  • RB Tre Harbison - Charlotte (Source)


  • DT Marvin Wilson - Florida State (Source)
  • DE Romeo McKnight - Illinois State (Source)
  • DB Manny Rugamba - Miami (OH) (Source)


  • TBA