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Video: Live tour of the Cleveland Browns NFL Draft Experience, with beautiful Day 3 weather

A personal experience from the NFL Draft Experience in Cleveland, OH.

This is the conclusion I was proud to see and give. If you’ve been following Dawgs By Nature over the past month, you’ve seen all of my video adventures in Downtown Cleveland, leading up to the draft. Due to bad weather, I didn’t get to vlog the Day 1 experience on Thursday. But on the final day of the draft, we had gorgeous weather with sunny, blue skies, temperatures in the mid-60s, and very little wind.

I put together a 42-minute video of my experience, showing a tour of how things were set up, the NFL Draft Stage, and a couple of the Browns’ Day 3 picks. For out-of-towners, or fans who didn’t have a ticket to the area, I hope you enjoy being immersed in the experience for a second.

Here is a photo gallery from Day 3 too: