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Browns fans affirm the team is headed in right direction; Cleveland voted having 2nd best draft, behind Chicago

Cleveland’s praise continues.

2021 NFL Draft Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Even during the offseason, you can participate in the voting of SB Nation Reacts, especially when it comes to weighing in on and showing support for your Cleveland Browns.

Following the conclusion of free agency and the 2021 NFL Draft, 95% of Browns fans voted that the team is headed in the right direction. Time will tell how the defense actually performs in 2021, but the effort has certainly been made to improve things.

Additionally, the Browns were voted as the second biggest winner from the NFL Draft. For a little context, only eight teams were included in the poll, already having been deemed among the teams with the best drafts. The Bears blew away the competition with their selection of QB Justin Fields at No. 11, and getting a solid offensive tackle in round two. Chicago had 37% of the vote, with Cleveland all the way at 17%, followed by the Jets at 15%.

The Texans (32%), Packers (22%), and Raiders (21%) were voted as the NFL Draft’s biggest losers.