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Andrew Berry is a Wizard

NFL: Combine Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I simply loved the Cleveland Browns’ 2021 draft.

We entered this offseason with some question marks on defense, such as “can anyone on this roster play free safety?” and “will Myles Garrett have to play all 4 defensive line positions at once?”

Well, the front office clearly made that side of the ball an emphasis and in my view the biggest remaining questions are “who gets to start?”, and “who plays a key role off the bench?”

Andrew Berry has completely remade the defensive secondary, and he added one of my favorite players in the entire draft to our linebacking corps. He managed to snag the #2 and #11 overall players on my wish list, despite picking 26th in the natural draft order (and only once in the first round).

Obviously, the 2021 Browns have played 0 games, and the test of time is the only way to truly measure a draft class. But from where I am sitting right now in June, Andrew Berry is superhuman.

You can listen to my recap of the draft and my initial thoughts on some of the players in the video below. More detailed analysis on individual players coming soon!