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Browns tease ... something ... for July 24

Team sends out cryptic social media messages highlighting an announcement for later this month.

Cleveland Browns vs Denver Broncos, 1987 AFC Championship Set Number: X34240 TK1 R2 F24

The Cleveland Browns began teasing out on Monday some sort of announcement that will take place on July 24.

The team shared graphics on their Twitter page showing the outline of a player on a downtown billboard and on one of the scoreboards at FirstEnergy Stadium.

The images will likely be more scrutinized in the coming weeks by Browns fans than the Zapruder film for “clues” as to what the big announcement will be.

More than likely it will be the official unveiling of the team’s 75th-anniversary throwback uniforms, which the Browns announced a few months ago but have yet to officially release. Those uniforms are rumored to be modeled after the ones the Browns wore in 1946.

Until then, fans will entertain themselves with speculation that the Browns will be sporting an orange jersey - which would make them look like the Cincinnati Bengals, so not sure what the appeal is - or that the team will finally introduce gray to its color scheme as a nod to owner Jimmy Haslam’s “beloved Tennessee Volunteers.”

If nothing else, the Browns have given fans something to talk about until training camp rolls around, so a tip of the hat to them.