My Observations From Attending the Game

Had a good time last night w/ my fellow Browns fan, Dave, 3 of his sons, and my second son Jonathan.

We sat 19 rows up on the visitors side....we were at the goal line for the end zone in which Davis caught his TD pass

I know some of these will be common observations (well we all did watch the same game), but since I was at the game, I thought I'd give an attendee perspective.

1) JOK is the real deal....he was all over, and played fast. For a dude who was "too small to play LB", he tackled Carlos Hyde 1-on-1...he is big enough in my book. Saw his sack coming as when he blitzed.

2) Sacking Lawrence on his first play was awesome! HAHA! Gustin's sack was a coverage/high motor sack. He kept working against the OT and the DBs gave him enough time to get there.

3) Both QBs did terribad passes or decisions. Even Lauletta looked good ... may be his pre-draft hype by a couple guys here was real LOL.

4) Jon Kelly needs to learn to run N-S.....he can't try to take everything outside. He did do well in the receiving game, as did Felton

5) Jackson should be gone. Green played much better. Jackson is an instant 8-12 yard gain as he plays sooooo soft. He is a good tackler, to his credit.

6) Kicking game was good.

7) DJP did well. Davis' TD catch was a great catch....happened right in front of us (you can kind of see us during the highlight clip, but we are much for getting "discovered") HA

8) #87 Franks showed some great hands. Bummer that Carlson sounds he is out, but Franks should step in.

9) Hudson did well on one of the snaps I just watched him.....his DE lines up way way wide, and delayed his rush a little to catch Hughes out of position. He chipped the DT, and seemlessly picked up the DE when he did was a good job not getting lost in the moment and forgetting about his guy.

10) LaCounte was also all over the place....his dropped INT, was one of those "that is why you arent a WR" moments. His grandma and aunt sat 2 rows behind us (no one sat in the row directly behind us). We talked with them a little, and then I talked to his grandma after the game as we were exiting. She lives 10-15 minutes from me. Very courteous, gracious, and nice ladies! Good family

11) Not a Natson fan. He should have taken his PR to the house....if you are going to be 5'-6", you better be a burner. Was disappointed that he got could. Schwartz will end his run on the Browns.

12) Newsome did not get burned....that was "you can't cover all day" type play. In fact, to be honest, that should have been a TD. Lawrence made a good decision, but a better pass would have resulted in a TD.

13) Breatherd to Tavon Austin as a mismatch against 3rd sleep lost in the Jags 4Q TD.

14) Only 2 penalties....the Browns looked like a professional team. A stark contrast to Hue and Freddie.

well, those are my thoughts! Go Browns!!!!

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