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The Prez Sez: Browns Backers President’s Week 2 predictions vs. Texans

The Presidents have spoken with Houston the next victim

Texas Capital Area chapter located in Austin

Browns Backers chapters are everywhere. No, they aren’t inside the local Walmart or Target like Subway, McDonald’s or any other fast food establishment usually is. But they could be. If Subway has enough big screen TV’s and will agree to broadcast every Cleveland game then let’s get our Browns gear and banners out and set up!

The We Bleed Orange and Brown chapter out of Beford, Ohio is recognized as the Number 9 best tailgates in Cleveland by for what they host down in the Muni Lot. Between the dancefloor, mobile bar, traditional songs, and cheers, it is hard to miss them down there. They are very proud of what they have built, and are now looking forward to having just as much fun at the game as in the lot beforehand. For a long time, their theme was simple on Monday mornings after a Browns game: At least we have never lost a tailgate.”

Each week, DBN invites five Browns Backers chapter Presidents to provide their insight with the outcome of Cleveland’s next opponent.

If you are interested in finding the nearest Browns Backers chapter or one that is in a city you are traveling to, click the link below:


This week’s Presidents and their predictions:

Browns Backers of Omaha

President: Ron Distransky

Omaha, Nebraska

Favorite former player: Jim Brown

Favorite current player: Nick Chubb

Viewing location: DJ’s Dugout Sports Bar

Best menu item: Garden Backyard Cheeseburger

Weekly prediction: “I predict the Browns to beat the Houston Texans 31-24 Week 2. The offensive-orientated Browns should score four touchdowns and one field goal. I predict Nick Chubb will score two touchdowns & Baker Mayfield should pass for two touchdowns as well.”


We Bleed Orange and Brown Browns Backers

President: Zachary Zielinski

Bedford, Ohio

Favorite former player: Bernie Kosar

Favorite current player: Jarvis Landry

Viewing location: Winking Lizard Tavern

Best menu item: Wings with Goldfinger Sauce

Weekly prediction: “Week 2 of the season brings with it the return of a packed FirstEnergy Stadium, for the first time since the end of the 2019 season. The atmosphere naturally will be electric, but the pressure of expectations - fueled by the alcoholic aroma from those of us who have been in Muni since before the sun came up - will magnify the intensity. Week 1’s result could also greatly affect the lead up to this game. Any close score - win or lose - will show this team and fan base where they measure up against the best in the AFC. A discouraging loss, like that of last year at Baltimore to kick off the year, will leave some head-scratching. But it is only one game, and any Browns fan will take the similar results of last year, as the team bounced back from that tough opener.

The Texans couldn’t be further on the opposite side of the spectrum than the Browns. Controversy handcuffing their quarterback who they just gave a very large contract to. Staples in the NFL being traded away, or simply wanting to leave in that of DeAndre Hopkins and J.J. Watt. Newer coaching staff and a revolving door of veterans on their last contracts. I would assume Tyrod Taylor will be under center, and his limited weapons of Mark Ingram and Brandin Cooks will not pose a threat to the newly renovated Browns’ defense. This type of opponent sets up nicely for the Browns to regroup after Week 1, and execute on a high level as a unit on both sides of the ball. The vigorous ovation upon the clock hitting zero will provide the final breeze to cool off the sun-battered crowd as the Browns add a “W” in the win column at home. Browns 34, Texans 17.”


Ottawa Browns Backers

President: Ken Macdonald

Ottawa, Ontario - Canada

Favorite former player: Eric Metcalf

Favorite current player: Jarvis Landry

Viewing location: Mulligan’s Golf Bar

Best menu item: Chicken and waffles with a dump of maple syrup mixed with a touch of cayenne

Weekly prediction: “Hey Diehard Dawgs. Get the BBQ ready and fire up your 40 burgers! Big home opener WIN over the Texans. I think we get 40 but the average score from my Backers comes to Browns 37, Texans 7.

The defense takes a step forward to limit Tyrod Taylor by air and their RB duo of Lindsay/Ingram by ground. Hunt and Chubb soften up the Houston “D” for two long OBJ TD”s in the 1st half. The Texans score on a Lindsay TD after halftime. Stefanski then grinds them with a Chubb and Hunt running and catching a TD respectively. Troy Hill returns a fumble to seal the home opening win!!”


Salt Lake City Browns Backers

President: Mike Martin

Salt Lake City, Utah

Favorite former player: Eric Metcalf

Favorite current player: Nick Chubb

Viewing location: Legends Sports Pub

Best menu item: Breakfast Pizza

Weekly prediction: “The Texans are coming off of a 4-12 season and it seems they are destined for a top pick in next year’s draft. Their offense, led by Tyrod Taylor, is lacking in fire power and their defense ranked last against the run last season. Browns fans should be in a frenzy after last year’s 11 win season. I expect Chubb and Hunt to both put up good numbers on the ground, and Baker will find the end zone more than once in the air. Cleveland 28-10.”

Texas Capital Area Browns Backers

President: John Martinich

Austin, Texas

Favorite former player: Bernie Kosar

Favorite current player: Baker Mayfield

Viewing location: Green Light Social

Best menu item: frozen coffee vodka cocktail named the ‘Shake n Bake’

Weekly prediction: “The Browns are in the best position talent-wise in my life. The team has chemistry on offense and is looking to improve on defense with a strong pass rush and some additional help in the secondary. The Texans are headed in the opposite direction. I see the Browns securing a home victory with some early passing TD’s followed by Nick and Kareem pounding the rock. Browns 24, Houston 13”