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The Prez Sez: Browns Backers President’s Week 1 predictions vs. Chiefs

The Presidents have spoken

Pensacola Browns Backers

They’re back!

Browns Backers Presidents just don’t simply look good and do all the work to organize their chapters. They know football, and more importantly, know Cleveland Browns football.

Each week last year, DBN invited five Browns Backers chapter Presidents to provide their insight with the outcome of Cleveland’s next opponent. They had their opinions, we drank something on tap, we laughed, we cheered, we ordered another round, we cried when OBJ went down, we drank some beers, we screamed at Andrew Sendejo, we tipped the waitress with yet another round, we had a happy season that ended that horrid 17-year drought.

That deserves a toast. Waitress!

This year is pretty much the same. Five Browns Backers Presidents and their say on who should win each week. If you aren’t a member of a Browns Backers chapter, or you want to know where there is one located near you, click this link and get to looking:


To start off 2021, DBN invited the first Presidents from the very first column last year against the season opener against the Baltimore Ravens to be the first out-of-the-gate this season as well. Here are their predictions:

Browns Fans Down Under

President: Mick McGovern

Bangor, NSW Australia

Favorite former player: Bernie Kosar

Favorite current player: Nick Chubb

Viewing location: Bangor Tavern

Best menu item: Bacon and egg roll with a double-shot coffee

Weekly prediction: “Taking on the reigning, two-time AFC Champions and the team that has been to the last two consecutive Super Bowls is going to be a tough ask for our Browns in Week 1. The Chiefs ended our season last year thanks to a fluke run by back up QB Chad Henne and a horrendous no call on a helmet-to-helmet shot by ‘Dirty’ Dan Sorensen on Rashard Higgins.

The Browns have improved the defensive side of the ball impressively over the offseason, giving fans the ability to dream big in 2021. If these dreams are to be realized a Week 1 match up with the Chiefs will set the tone.

As I wrote last year that we have a horrible record in Week 1. The Browns have not won the first week of the season in 15 consecutive seasons. This year presents an interesting scenario: the Browns will be underdogs going into this one because of our opposition - the reigning AFC champs. However, the Browns’ new defense has not been seen and there will be no tape for the Chiefs to game plan for. Could this be the slight-of-hand the Browns will need to pull the rabbit out of the hat?

I was right last season in predicting that our boys would fall to the Ravens in Week 1, and I’m pretty confident that our Browns are going to set the NFL on fire with a WIN at Kansas City in Week 1 this year!!

Our new look defense is going cause havoc in Week 1. Garrett and Clowney will be a two-man wrecking crew. I’ll be interested to see a Chiefs QB run with JOK on the field. Mahomes might find it a bit more difficult to throw into our secondary with John Johnson being a bit of an upgrade over Sendejo; as well as Mayfield in a second year with the same scheme and a healthy OBJ with a point to prove. Not to mention we have the best backfield in the league running behind the best O-Line in the league.”

My Prediction: BROWNS 28, CHIEFS 21


Pensacola Browns Backers

President: Jim Graves

Pensacola, Florida

Favorite former player: Bernie Kosar

Favorite current player: Baker Mayfield

Viewing location: Bubba’s 33

Best menu item: Pizza

Weekly prediction: “What a game this should be! I can’t think of two powerhouse teams more evenly matched than these two! They both addressed their weaknesses in the off season: the offensive line for the Chiefs and secondary for the Browns. I’m going to say that the team with the least mistakes takes this one. I’m a little concerned with lack of playing time with our backfield but I’m still going to pick the Browns!”

Final score: Browns 33, Chiefs 30


Berea Browns Backers

President: Paul Latkovic

Berea, Ohio

Favorite former player: Eric Turner

Favorite current player: Nick Chubb

Viewing location: Grindstone Tap House

Best menu item: Chicken Nachos

Weekly prediction: “I feel the Browns are coming in with a chip on their shoulder from last year. With the addition on Clowney, the D has stepped up big time. I think the offense had something to prove, and they will prove it against KC.”

Winner: Browns 31-28


Browns Backers of Baltimore City

President: Adam Rubin

Baltimore, Maryland

Favorite former player: Brian Sipe

Favorite current player: Myles Garrett

Viewing location: Nobles Bar and Grill

Best menu item: Loaded Skillets: Chesapeake with crab dip, cheddar and Old Bay

Weekly prediction: “The 2021 regular season has finally arrived and we truly have a shot at making a deep run in the post-season and even to the Super Bowl! What a better way to prove what we can do than face the Super Bowl team in the Chiefs. Both teams should be coming into this game at full strength and fresh. The changes we made and how we played the Chiefs in the playoffs set our Browns up perfectly. Kareem Hunt is itching to get back and do more in KC, while the “D” is faster and ready to help contain. There will be mistakes in the “D” as they learn to work together, allowing a couple easy scores but the return offense will be able to expand and improve.

The Browns will break the opening game loss streak and win this game in a league shocker (but not to us): Browns 38, Chiefs 31.”


Delaware Valley Browns Backers

President: Michael Pagonakis

Wilmington, Delaware

Favorite former player: Gerald McNeil

Favorite current player: Nick Chubb

Viewing location: Buffalo Wild Wings

Best menu item: The wings, of course

Weekly prediction: “The Browns held the Chiefs to 22 points last year with a questionable defense – albeit without Mahomes in the game for the latter portion. After hanging 38 points on the Bills in the AFC Conference Championship with a fully healthy Mahomes, I’m still confident this revamped Browns defense will show up. The new additions to the “D” will hold and give the star Chiefs QB fits with a strong pass rush and tighter coverage.

The Browns’ offense is largely returning all its starters, very importantly, the best offensive line in the league. Baker learned how to distribute the ball without Beckham in the second half of the year and I expect his return will do nothing but create problems for the opposition while Baker continues to spread the ball based on what he sees rather than focusing on one individual. With Chubb and Hunt racking up over 140 total yards on the ground and through the air, in addition to efficient QB play, this one will be tight. Even so, I think the Browns come away with a win in week one for a change.”

Winner: Browns 34-31