Draft Direction

Hey longtime. Just dropping' in and this site sure looks different than how I remember it. Always love the content though. Going crazy over draft's thoughts:

We need to revamp the passing game. That's it. Those are the thoughts...thoughts of the passing game and totally revamping it. It was crazy BAD. Ok I won't do the caps thing anymore. But man we were horrible. Just awful. I get sick just thinking about how bad the passing offense was this year for a team that before the season I thought would have several 40 point games and have no trouble putting up 20 a week. Didn't happen. The run game and line is fine. I'd consider drafting an OT because we likely could use a really good one right now. Otherwise the line's great. Also the backs are great. I'd be fine with Njoku and Bryant but wouldn't mind swapping Hooper with someone but whatever. It's the receivers and quarterbacks that need to be better...a LOT(damn!) better.

I'm fine drafting a QB and two receivers early with what I've seen out of this class. That's just my gut reaction. I know Baker will likely be back. But if AB made a change there I wouldn't be surprised right now. Nothing Baker has done the last 4 months on the field make me eager to see him starting games next year. If he does I hope it's with two dynamic rookie receivers.

There are some amazing defensive players that will go in that top 13. It's early, but there might be one available worth taking over an offensive player.

Right now I love the idea of any two top receivers on this team. Drafting 2 in the first two days of the draft would make me thrilled probably. Really like Olave right now and London as well. And interested to see if any top defenders fall to 13...guys like Hamilton, Stingley, Ojabo, Gardner, Booth, and Karlaftis.


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