Just throwing out my opinion.

Just figured I would throw this out there.

Strongly feel Stephanski does not like Mayfield at all and his game plans during the season involved exposing Baker for what he is so he can move on and get his guy. A team can obey ride the running back for so long (Gurley) because it’s common to get injuries at that position.

Look at Jared Goff as a perfect example of what Baker is if he played without a team as stacked as the Browns. Yes QB purgatory sucks but I feel KS getting his guy will take this team over the top and have some good battles with us Bengals and JB.

Really do wish the Browns success unless playing us as I hate all things Steelers, and Ravens. If Baker played us Bengals 17 games a year he would break every QB record but that does not happen so time to move on.

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