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Browns Garrett Fined for Hit on Trubisky, Steeler Not Fined for Jumping on Walker

Neither player was flagged but Pittsburgh getting benefit from the league is not surprising.

Syndication: Akron Beacon Journal Jeff Lange / USA TODAY NETWORK

It is easy for fans of an individual team to feel like their team gets more bogus calls, has more injuries, makes more mistakes or is disrespected by the national media. It is easy but sometimes it is accurate.

Fans of the Cleveland Browns have often felt that their team was making enough mistakes that it felt like overkill that the league seemed to pile on through the referees or league decisions. For example, in one game RB Duke Johnson Jr. came out of the pile, immediately, with the football but the opposing team was awarded possession:

In Week 3’s Thursday Night Football matchup with the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Browns faced off against one of the team’s many fans think the league favors. During the game, Steelers OL Chukuwama Okorafor jumped on top of Browns LB Anthony Walker Jr. after he was already down face first on the ground, injured:

As usual, the following Saturday came the announcement of fines handed out for the previous week’s games. Not only was Okorafor not fined for the above play but Cleveland’s DE Myles Garrett was fined for roughing Pittsburgh’s QB Mitchell Trubisky:

In attempting to find which play would have led to the fine, it is possible that it occurred in one of the three plays discussed by former player Emmanuel Acho in the below video. On the three plays in this clip, Garrett gets close to or hits Trubisky but none seems fine worthy:

(Side note from Acho’s video: Trubisky might not be the problem but we know he isn’t the solution in Pittsburgh either.)

There may not be a conspiracy against the Browns or for the Steelers but, once again, it seems like there are differing ways Cleveland gets treated by the league compared to other teams.