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Myles Garrett getting double teamed the most, still winning his matchups

“Impact?” Garrett makes an impact in a variety of ways.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns David Dermer-USA TODAY Sports

As seen in the above picture, Cleveland Browns DE Myles Garrett is often doubled and tripled teamed by opposing teams. Offenses are often designed to roll the quarterback away from Garrett, send pulling guards to knock him off his spot in the run game or design quick throws to make sure he can’t impact the game.

After missing Week 4, Garrett return in Week 5 looking less than his normal self. While he played in 82% of the team’s defensive snaps, he only had two tackles.

If we only boxscore scout, Garrett has 10 tackles, three sacks, four tackles for loss, one pass defended and one forced fumble in four contests.

If that is all we needed, there would be no point in watching the game and reviewing film. What we see when we do that is all the attention that Garrett gets from opposing offenses which can/should open things up for the rest of the front seven.

Data backs up what is seen on film. Cleveland’s top defender is double-teamed as much as anyone else in the league but, unlike Dorrance Armstrong, Robert Quinn and Aidan Hutchinson, Garrett has been winning his rushes:

While it would nice for Garrett to add more to the boxscore stats, the film and data show a player who is demanding a ton of attention and still beating his blockers regularly.