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New ‘Building the Browns’ episode takes honest look at team’s first 5 games

Produced by the team but doesn’t sugarcoat the struggles.

NFL: OCT 09 Chargers at Browns Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The start of the Cleveland Browns season has been anything but a positive thing. Their two victories came against the team that just fired their head coach (Carolina Panthers) and the team that just changed their starting quarterback (Pittsburgh Steelers). Last week’s loss to the Los Angeles Chargers would have been acceptable, in premise, but the team had chances to win and pulled out another defeat.

Losses to the New York Jets and Atlanta Falcons were laughably bad in how they went down.

Even opposing kickers are having a field day against Cleveland over the past 22 games.

All of that is what made this week’s “Building the Browns” episode so interesting. The team produced docuseries took a look at the first five weeks of the season. While they may have spent a little more time on the positives, it didn’t ignore the struggles the team has gone through this season.

It could have been delayed until something more positive was available to show. It could have glossed over the negatives while making excuses. Instead, the team presented the reality of the situation from the coaches’ and players’ perspectives.

Check out this week’s full episode here:

How do you feel about how the team is dealing with their difficult start after seeing this week’s BtB?