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‘Leading by example’ and ‘doing, less talking’ are important to Stefanski

Browns fans wanting to see more verbal leadership are likely to be disappointed

NFL: New England Patriots at Cleveland Browns Lon Horwedel-USA TODAY Sports

When things are going great for a team, quirks and peculiarities are given positive attributes. When things are not going well for a team, those very same things are seen as negatives.

For the Cleveland Browns, the steady, even-keeled hand of HC Kevin Stefanski that navigated a difficult COVID-impacted 2020 season is being talked about in 2022 as “emotionless,” “robotic” and that “he doesn’t have that dawg in him.” The same thing happened with Eli Manning years ago, his stoic nature was a negative characteristic until his team started winning then he was a calm presence.

For Browns fans hoping to see more passion out of Stefanski or the team, it seems like that requests will not be filled. While the head coach made it clear that he wants players to be themselves, he also noted that he values deeds over words:

If fans are waiting for a big blowup, to see coaches screaming at players on the sidelines, players screaming at each other or anything else that we haven’t seen over the last few years, those cries will go unheard.

Instead, Stefanski wants his players to play better, communicate better and make better decisions. In the end, it sounds like Cleveland’s head coach agrees with the famous statement from “Macbeth” said so eloquently by Patrick Stewart:

Don’t expect a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing coming out of the Browns.