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Firing DC Joe Woods is an option but to what end?

Making a move just to make a move may not have a positive outcome.

Syndication: Akron Beacon Journal Jeff Lange / USA TODAY NETWORK

It is not a new conversation but it is an interesting one, the Cleveland Browns need to look hard at the option of firing DC Joe Woods. With Monday coming to an end, that decision has not been made which makes it unlikely to be made this week. With the Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals next up on the schedule, the Browns season could be over if they lose the next two games.

Firing a coach seems like an easier option because moving multiple players in the middle of the season is difficult. Does that make it the right move? A few difficult-to-answer questions:

  • Will it actually make a difference?
  • What message would it send the players that the coach took the blame?
  • Would a coach off Woods’ staff be that much of a “different voice?”
  • What happens if the defense gets worse if they fire Woods?
  • Is the move just doing something to do something?

A lot of questions without easy answers. As we awaited whether the Cleveland Guardians game against the New York Yankees would actually play Monday night, I joined BlueWire Pods Brad Ward to discuss all things Woods and Cleveland’s defense.

Listen in while you wait for first pitch or whenever you get a chance: