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Tempers flare, yelling heard in Browns locker room after loss

Good thing for the Browns? Bad thing? Nothing, as Stefanski said?

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

All is not well with the Cleveland Browns after their 23-20 loss to the Baltimore Ravens. The Browns are 2-5 in the 2022 NFL season with a tough stretch of games left to play.

(Before we go further a quick note on the above picture: It was the first quality photo when searching the database for “Cleveland Browns yell” not an indictment on those players pictured.)

Cleveland has found a wide variety of ways to lose games this year. From special teams gaffes, blown assignments by the defense, turnovers by the offense, blown calls by referees or just getting blown out by the New England Patriots.

In fact, very few players are blameless this season. RB Nick Chubb is the one player that comes to mind so far in this abysmal season.

While fans and media have regularly looked to point fingers and assign blame, coaches and players have often focused on improving. From the sounds of things after the game, that might be changing after this loss:

While HC Kevin Stefanski blew off the noise, it is something to note. Are the players turning on each other? Are they made at the referees? Is there a problem between players and coaches?

The optimist in us all hopes that the emotional outburst leads to needed changes and more success for the rest of the year. The Browns fan in all of us worries that it could be the start of an implosion off the field matching the failures on the field.

It could be positive that players still care and are passionate. It could be negative for a wide variety of reasons. We will keep you up to date if we hear more on what happened after the game Sunday.