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GM: Browns’ Kareem Hunt ‘best back on the market’

NFL trade rumors start to swirl with Browns Kareem Hunt one of the big names

Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

It seems like the Cleveland Browns season has already come down to this, and we are focusing on NFL trade rumors but not on this team acquiring players.

While the QB play around the league is down and the team opened with what seemed to be an easy schedule, the Browns sit at 2-5 and talk about trading one of their running backs is reasonable. With the NFL trade deadline around the corner, the Christian McCaffrey trade may have helped Cleveland but the New York Jets trading for James Robinson took a suitor off the table.

The biggest name floating around is RB Kareem Hunt. Hunt was one of the best backs in the NFL during his time with the Kansas City Chiefs and has been an important part of the Browns’ successful run game during his time with his hometown team. Sadly, it looks like that relationship will end no later than the end of this season.

Can general manager Andrew Berry find value in a trade for Hunt or should he hold on to him and hope for better value in a compensatory pick?

According to an anonymous general manager, Hunt should have value:

“Hunt would be the best back on the market, and it’s not even close,” said one GM who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he is not allowed to discuss other teams’ rosters.

Whether that means Hunt gets traded or not in the next six days will depend on the return and the impact Berry thinks dealing him would have on the team. With a lot of draft assets traded away to acquire QB Deshaun Watson, getting even a fourth-round pick or a young defensive player would probably be worth it to the team.

Would you trade Hunt? If so, what do you think is a reasonable return for him?