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Report: Browns seeking unrealistic return for Kareem Hunt trade

A deal similar to Christian McCaffrey’s makes little sense.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Cleveland Browns Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

At 2-5, the Cleveland Browns are on the outside looking in for any type of playoff possibilities. While a number of teams have started with that record and made the playoffs, it may be time for the Browns to look to move on from one of their running backs.

Kareem Hunt is expected to be the best back on the market after the Christian McCaffrey trade went down. While McCaffrey’s trade may have helped the Browns market for Hunt, there are clear differences between the two. The primary, at least for trade value, is in the contract. McCaffrey has multiple years left on his deal and the Carolina Panthers took on a big portion of the salary cap hit in the trade.

Hunt is set for free agency after the year which will bring down his trade value. According to a report, that hasn't stopped Cleveland from asking for a big return:

A league source tells PFT that the Browns want a Christian McCaffrey-style haul. That’s excessive, but that’s where the Browns apparently are.

On The OBR Podcast this morning, we shared our belief in what Hunt’s true value will be in a trade as well as a number of other topics including the “run the ball more” crowd:

In the end, PFT also notes that a Browns victory on Monday Night Football could impact their willingness to deal Hunt. If Cleveland does deal their backup running back, the return is unlikely to get fans excited.

Assuming Hunt will not return next year, what would you be willing to trade him for next week?