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Cleveland Browns: 2023 and 2024 NFL Draft Capital

The Browns are without 1st round selection in 2023 and 2024. Taking a look at what assets they do have.

New England Patriots v Cleveland Browns Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns are approaching the trade deadline next week. We’ve looked at factors this past week that could influence whether or not players headed toward free agency could play a role in trade deadline activity.

We’ve also examined the Browns salary cap situation.

Another area of interest should be Cleveland’s future draft pick situation. Do the Browns need additional draft capital? Can they afford to send draft picks in potential trades? Let’s take a look at what assets are in GM Andrew Berry’s savings account.

2023 Cleveland Browns NFL Draft Picks

The Browns currently hold 8 draft picks in the 2023 NFL Draft:

  • Round 2
  • Round 3 - It is unknown if this pick will be their default draft pick or a compensatory selection.
  • Round 4
  • Round 4 - via Minnesota Vikings
  • Round 5
  • Round 5 - via Los Angeles Rams
  • Round 6
  • Round 7

The Browns are clearly without a first-round selection after sending a slew of draft picks to Houston in exchange for QB Deshaun Watson. At this point, it is unknown if their 3rd round selection will be their default draft pick or the compensatory pick awarded to them by the NFL as compensation for the Vikings hiring Kwesi Adofo-Mensah as their GM. The 4th rounder from the Vikings came in a trade where the Browns moved back in the 2022 NFL Draft. Lastly, the 5th-round pick from the Rams was acquired by Cleveland in exchange for CB Troy Hill.

2024 Cleveland Browns NFL Draft Picks

The Browns currently hold 8 draft picks in the 2024 NFL Draft:

Once again, the Browns are without a 1st round selection as a result of the Deshaun Watson trade. Cleveland will receive a 4th rounder if Baker Mayfield plays 70% of the snaps for the Carolina Panthers in 2022. If Baker Mayfield plays less than 70% of snaps, the pick will be a 5th rounder instead. The Browns send their default 6th-round draft pick to Atlanta for LB Deion Jones but received a 7th-rounder in the same deal.

Compensatory Picks

NFL teams may receive compensatory picks. These picks are awarded based on a proprietary formula the NFL uses to determine whether or not a team lost more than they gained in free agency. The picks can fall anywhere from the end of the 3rd round through the 7th round. Teams can also be awarded compensatory picks if a minority executive or coach gets an equivalent or better role with another team.

The Cleveland Browns will certainly be missing their 1st round picks but it was a necessary price to pay to acquire Deshaun Watson. Questioning has started to surround Andrew Berry as a talent evaluator. He’ll need to make the most of the draft picks he has in the mid to late rounds to surround Watson with the talent needed to create a foundation for future success.