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Podcast: DBN joined The OBR to talk Browns loss, method to the madness and more

Listen as Jared and Jake try to explain and understand the Browns current situation

Syndication: The Tennessean Nicole Hester / The Tennessean / USA TODAY NETWORK

Trying to understand the Cleveland Browns current situation is an interesting predicament for anyone. The team is 2-2 after losing two games that they controlled and should not have lost. It is completely different than what Browns fans have seen before where there was only slight hope of winning games and everything had to break right for them.

Instead, despite some obvious limitations, this Cleveland team should be 4-0 and should be building confidence going into a very tough stretch of games. As a part of turning the page on Week 4, I join The OBR’s Jake Burns every week for his Wednesday morning podcast.

We talked about a number of subjects including the idea of replacing DC Joe Woods this offseason, what GM Andrew Berry has seemed to value that could be impacting the team and what it might mean for things moving forward.

As you can tell by listening to the podcast, both Jake and I struggle to have exact answers to the problems. The team has talent but is making obvious mistakes, especially on defense, that they are obviously not coached to do.

More questions than answers this week.