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Want a rush? Browns breaking out color rush uniforms Sunday versus the Chargers

For better or worse, the all-brown look is back.

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

One of the many things covering a team with as passionate of fan bases as the Cleveland Browns has done is made many of us fashion critics. The Browns colors and uniforms are classic, now, after the remake but that wasn’t always the case as the Alec Scheiner reboot were disasters.

Cleveland also unveiled their 75th-anniversary addition last year to, mostly, rousing approval.

One that we haven’t seen in a while is the team’s “color rush” uniform combination (seen above). The all-brown version of the uniform has some fans who love it and others who describe it as something that looks like fecal matter.

Love it or hate it, it looks like we will see them on Sunday:

While there is a common saying in sports that “if players look good, they play good.” For me, as someone with very little style sense, I would reverse that. “If they play good, they look good in whatever uniform they are wearing.” The Cleveland Cavaliers wore what many consider to be bad basketball jersey’s when they won their 2016 NBA Championship. Those black jerseys with sleeves are now considered iconic in Cleveland lore.

Unless the Browns win something special wearing the all-brown color rush look, it is unlikely they will be beloved by the fanbase. However, some fans are very passionate about making sure the jersey they wear to the stadium is the same color as the one the team is wearing while playing. This information is important for them.

What is your favorite uniform combination? Is there one you wish they’d wear but haven’t?