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Video Podcast: DBN joins 216 Network to unwrap Browns Week 4 struggles

Still not a lot of fun to talk about but Jared is back at it trying to explain the struggles.

NBA: Brooklyn Nets-Media Day Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a busy audio week for DBN’s newest Producer (me!) on the audio front. Shared yesterday when I joined The OBR to discuss a few important questions we had for the Cleveland Browns after the loss to the Atlanta Falcons. In a lot of ways, we had more questions than answers.

Today, I joined Network 216 for a podcast experience with their three hosts. A lot of frustration was reviewed, trying to understand what is the cause of the problems and whether they are fixable or not.

The guys asked me the same questions that the rest of the fanbase is asking about DC Joe Woods, the players on the field, Kevin Stefanski’s fourth-down calls and more. Late in the session, you can hear my frustration with the overall goal of sports analysis to try to boil things down to the simplest of terms.

There is a lot of good audio/video coverage of the Browns, is there anything you feel is missing in that space?