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Browns Stats that matter after Week 4’s loss to the Falcons

Analytics in charge on 4th down but is it a bad thing?

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Last week’s “Stats That Matter” seemed to hit quite well for folks. We saw a good amount of page views and comments. This week, we focus the narrative portion on the dreaded “analytics” word before unloading a bunch of different data points that we think are interesting.

Analytics has been an interesting word around the Cleveland Browns since Paul DePodesta and Sashi Brown joined the team. The idea that a “baseball guy” and a lawyer could run a professional football organization rubbed a lot of people, including local and national media members, the wrong way.

In the end, Brown’s time with the Browns ended (now he is the President of the Baltimore Ravens) and brought in John Dorsey a “real football guy.”

After all that happened, the word “analytics” became an evil word around the team even as DePodesta stuck around, Andrew Berry and Kevin Stefanski were brought in to work with him and analytics returned as an essential part of running the team.

Last week’s fourth-down decision brought it back up to the forefront. Thursday, offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt made it clear that they are in charge on those downs:

So that is where we start with stats that matter, how has the team done on fourth downs?

The decision to Punt Late in 4th Considered Cowardly

Some other stats that matter for the Browns:

Running Game Historical Early

Defensive Tackles Not Getting the Job Done per PFF

That Partially Leads to this Small Sample Size Stat

Back to the Positives, Lots of Big Plays from the Offense

Jacoby Brissett Highly Rated in QBR

Offense Getting into the Redzone A Lot

Unique Group are the Top Offenses so Far This Year

Finally, Not All Positive, Looking at 3 Phases of the Game

Which data points stick out to you? Besides the record book, what stats mean the most to you?