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Chargers social media insults Ohio in Twitter post

Its cheap, its silly but it still causes anger

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

In the end, it is meaningless but the insistent need for fans, players and teams (in this case a social media account) to poke fun at the great state of Ohio is, at best, annoying. At worst, it perpetuates stereotypes, angers a fanbase and encourages another fanbase to join in the negativity.

(In this case, it also encourages this writer to join in with his own joke at the end of this post.)

The Los Angeles Chargers took flight yesterday afternoon for their Week 5 matchup with the Cleveland Browns. The long flight and time change are a couple of the reasons Browns fans should have hope going into today’s game.

The Chargers social media team, like every team seems to do, posted some pictures of the team getting on the plane for their flight. Instead of some innocuous “Wheels up!” or “Flying toward victory,” those running the account chose to take a shot at Ohio:

“pray for us ain’t nothing wrong we just gotta go to ohio”

While we don’t like that the post perpetuates stereotypes (Ohio has a ton going for it) and can create anger amongst not only the Cleveland fanbase but the entire population of the state, we aren’t worried about it riling up the Chargers’ fanbase because a few thousand isn’t really enough to be called a fanbase anyway. (Didn’t say it would be a good joke.)

How do you (or do you) respond to the negative stereotypes about Ohio?