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Browns fans’ confidence down to 53%; fans think Nick Chubb isn’t being utilized enough

Fans also are split on how the defense will perform against the Dolphins.

Each week during the regular season, Cleveland Browns fans vote in SB Nation Reacts to express their confidence level in the team.

Heading into Week 10, 53% of Browns fans are confident in the direction of the team, an increase of 9 percentage points from last week. Given that Cleveland was at 20% prior to their big win against Cincinnati, I see the bye week drop as a nothing burger -- it's just a sign of, "Alright, let's see if they can repeat it against Miami." Speaking of Miami, their fanbase is pleased right now, with 97% of them being confident in the direction of the team.

DraftKings Sportsbook doesn't believe in the Browns this week, as they have Cleveland as 3.5 point underdogs to the Dolphins.

We also asked two other questions about the Browns heading into Week 10. The first one asked whether fans believe the Browns' defense can deliver their second straight strong performance against Miami's offense. 51% of fans said Yes, which is a pretty high amount given how potent Miami has been and the fact that people have been begging for Joe Woods to be fired.

In the other question, we asked fans whether Kevin Stefanski has been utilizing running back Nick Chubb enough. Only 37% of fans believe that Chubb has been utilized enough, but I disagree with that. Chubb is the second leading rusher in the NFL, and has the third most carries. The Browns also utilize Kareem Hunt as Chubb's replacement, and he's a damn good back. You need to keep Chubb fresh, and you also still need to pass the ball enough to keep opposing defenses off guard. I think some fans are upset about very specific plays or why Chubb isn't in when the team is losing with 45 seconds left in the game, but I don't attribute that to him being underutilized.

On a national level, fans are picking the Dolphins to beat the Browns on Sunday.

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