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Games to pay attention to for Browns fans in Week 10

Just a couple of games of interest for Cleveland but none matter if they lose to Miami

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Atlanta Falcons Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Generally speaking, as the NFL season hits the midpoint fan interest goes in one of two ways: Playoffs or draft order. For the Cleveland Browns, the only thing that really matters is the playoffs because their first-round pick belongs to the Houston Texans. Week 10’s matchup with the Miami Dolphins is the most important thing for Cleveland fans today but it isn’t the only thing.

While you are either watching the Browns game or listening to the game, a few other games will be of interest in Week 10 as well.

Broncos vs Titans - 1 PM

Tennessee seems set to run away with their division with the Indianapolis Colts hiring a former player with no college or NFL coaching experience. Denver, like Cleveland, has struggled out to a 3-5 start despite the addition of Russell Wilson.

With the talent on the roster, the Broncos could be a team that hangs around the wild-card race. A loss today, after trading away Bradley Chubb, could finish off those hopes and give the Browns one less team to worry about.

Vikings vs Bills - 1 PM

Neither of these teams will likely factor into Cleveland’s playoff chase but Buffalo is the team’s Week 11 opponent. In a surprise turn, it looks like QB Josh Allen will play this week against Minnesota. Unless he has a setback, Allen would then be expected to play next week against Cleveland. Just a little something to watch for coming out of today’s game.

Chargers vs Niners - 8:20 PM

Likely the biggest game in Week 10, outside of their own, for the Browns is the Los Angeles Chargers. With the Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals and New England Patriots on their bye weeks, the Chargers are the next team on the playoff ranking list that might matter.

Los Angeles is currently in the seventh seed at 5-3. They also hold the tiebreaker against Cleveland this season. The Browns need to beat Miami, currently the sixth seed, and hope the Chargers fall on Sunday Night Football as well.

How closely do you scoreboard watch during Browns games?