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Cleveland Browns coaching and front office power dynamics questioned as they prepare for Bills

Moves aren’t being made between a Dolphins beatdown and Bills matchup. Who’s calling the shots?

Cleveland Browns v Philadelphia Eagles 9-9-2012 Photo by David Dermer/ Diamond Images/ Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns won’t have any advantages due to the weather as they head to Detroit to take on the Buffalo Bills. Coming off the heels of an embarrassing defense effort in the 100+ degree Miami heat, the Browns seemed to be headed for a snow game. All that has changed now and the game will be played in a dome.

The Miami Dolphins' road game can’t get put behind them any faster. Browns fans knew that the defense was bad, but this bad? Surprisingly the Dolphins didn’t need to go to Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle through the air because they were able to run right through the Browns defense.

The Bills game could get even uglier than the one in Miami. Snow in Buffalo could've factored into the game as an equalizer of sorts. Instead, a raging mad Bills team lost a close one in Minnesota last week and is on a two-game losing streak gets to attack the Browns ghost of a defense in a dome.

If the loss in Miami didn’t raise questions about the front office and coaching staff (it did), the fallout from this game will. The power dynamics in Cleveland have been anything but traditional over the years. Who’s calling the shots on whether or not Joe Woods gets to keep his job? Who decides when a move would be made?

Dawgs By Nature Producer Jared Mueller joins this week's podcast episode to recap the Dolphins game, look ahead to the Bills, and discuss the power dynamics of the Browns front office and coaching staff. Take a listen to this episode of the Dawgs Table.

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