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Browns great Bernie Kosar weighs in on Kevin Stefanski’s lack of emotion

Fans want to see more passion from the HC, what does Kosar say?

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns

Does it take a fiery, passionate leader for an NFL team to win? When Kevin Stefanski took the Cleveland Browns to the playoffs in his first season as the team’s head coach, his steady presence was lauded. Given the COVID pandemic that impacted almost everything about life that year, Stefanski was rock solid in the midst of the storm.

In 2022, Stefanski is the same person but the Browns are losing. The same was true in 2021 but a major injury to QB Baker Mayfield lingered over that season.

Now, at 3-6 and facing the Buffalo Bills in Week 11, Cleveland is in a difficult position. The decision to pursue and acquire QB Deshaun Watson led to a unique season and a greater focus on the team.

The results have been less than positive with multiple mistakes all over the field and questions about focus and effort being thrown around by both fans and analysts. Many fans want to see a more passionate head coach on the side including some wishing for the days of Gregg Williams.

In the end, if the team was winning, Stefanski’s demeanor wouldn’t be questioned. Instead, because of losing, fans want to see an adjustment. Wants to see a coach show he cares even a fraction of the amount that the fans do.

Browns great Bernie Kosar weighed in on Stefanski’s lack of emotion, noting that he shouldn’t try to be anything different than he is:

It is fun to hear Kosar and Hanford Dixon relate their conversation about Stefanski to their playing time including Dixon calling out Kosar’s initial statements.

Stefanski should be true to himself but must be able to make appropriate adjustments, even if it isn’t yelling in people’s faces or jumping up and down on the sideline. So far, the Browns seem to be failing at those important adjustments leading to some calling for Stefanski to change his demeanor at least.

Do you think it matters that the head coach isn’t an outwardly emotional person?