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3 Browns players that could restructure contracts in 2023

The Cleveland Browns will need to restructure some contracts to free up salary cap space in 2023.

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We looked at the state of the Cleveland Browns salary cap earlier this season. The Browns are projected to have around $4.8 million in salary cap available for 2023. In order to sign draft picks, re-sign players, and participate in free agency, GM Andrew Berry will need to free up some cap space.

Let’s take a look at how much the Browns can save by restructuring 3 of their biggest 2023 salary cap hits:

Deshaun Watson

The Browns signed Watson to a 5-year, $230 million deal that is fully guaranteed. His cap hit in 2023 is $54.993 million and is the contract most likely to be restructured by Andrew Berry.

Deshaun Watson restructure potential salary cap savings: $35.936 million

Amari Cooper

In 2022, Cooper’s 3rd year of his 5-year, $100m deal was restructured. His base salary in 2022 was $1.12m and $18.88m was restructured for 2022 and 2 void years were added to his deal. In 2023, Amari Cooper will carry a $23.776m cap hit for the Browns. Cooper could once again be a candidate for a restructured deal in 2023.

Amari Cooper restructure potential salary cap savings: $12.557 million

Myles Garrett

The Browns will see Garrett’s cap hit increase to $29.176m in 2023 after carrying a $12.961m cap hit in 2022. Myles Garrett is under contract with Cleveland through 2026 on a 5-year $125m deal.

Myles Garrett restructure potential salary cap savings: $12.936 million

How much salary cap space can the Cleveland Browns free up in 2023?

If the Cleveland Browns were to restructure Deshaun Watson, Myles Garrett, and Amari Cooper in 2023, they could free up to $61.428 million in salary cap space.

As always, a restructuring frees up money now but, generally, pushes that money down the road later. Thankfully, with the salary cap going up year after year, Berry can take that gamble, especially with a couple of these large contracts.

Salary cap figures per Spotrac.