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Deshaun Watson must be for the Browns what Donovan Mitchell has been for the Cavs

Mitchell has taken a good Cavs team over the top, can Watson do the same for the Browns?

NBA: Boston Celtics at Cleveland Cavaliers Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The start of the Cleveland Browns season did not go the way the team or fans expected. Close games turned on bad plays from the defense or special teams leading to a losing record. The Monday Night Football victory over the Cincinnati Bengals could be a turning point along with getting healthy during their bye week.

The start to the Cleveland Cavaliers season has gone much, much better. If PG Darius Garland had not been scratched in the eye in the home opener, the Cavs could be undefeated. Instead, after two impressive wins over the defending Eastern Conference champion Boston Celtics, Cleveland’s basketball team is 6-1.

Like the Browns, the Cavs made a colossal offseason trade that brought in a young superstar to their quality, young roster. So far, SG Donovan Mitchell has quickly taken the team from good to great. Mitchell is in the MVP discussion early in his first season in Cleveland.

The Browns massive offseason trade came with many off-the-field issues regarding QB Deshaun Watson. While those issues shouldn’t be swept under the rug, Watson and the team will focus on his return to the field against the Houston Texans.

Plainly stated, Cleveland’s football team needs Watson to take their good roster and make it a great one. It is what Mitchell has done for Cleveland’s basketball team.

Not only does Watson need to keep using star players like Amari Cooper, David Njoku, Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt but he needs to make some of the role players better as well. What Mitchell has done for Caris Levert, Dean Wade and Cedi Osman, Watson must be able to do with the likes of Harrison Bryant, David Bell and Anthony Schwartz.

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The Browns have a good roster that will add a superstar player to it in a few weeks. The Cavs had a good roster and added a superstar player to it. Basketball is thriving in Cleveland because of the addition of Mitchell, Watson is responsible to do the same for the team’s football team.